17-year-old senior crow thinks he’s a tiny human

A kind girl named Macy didn’t think she would have had a good relationship with the senior crow. Macy has been working in the American Eagle Foundation with great pleasure. The foundation rescued, rehabilitated, and released birds of prey and eagles. They had 75 non-releasable birds at their foundation.

Tuck was brought here from a pet store. As he was always under the care and attention of humans he could do nothing when he would be released into the wild. Besides he had arthritis on his wings and legs and was unable to fly.

So he started o spend most of his time with Macy and learned to talk with her and other visitors to the sanctuary. The life span of the crow is 20 years so this crow has already lived most part of his life.

Every time Tuck wanted some attention he said”what” that meant “look at me, and let’s spend some time.” Though it was a bit odd to make friends with a talking crow Macy really loves and cares for the senior crow.