80-year-old endangered tortoise became a mother for the first time: all babies are healthy

Some turtles even live to be 100 years old. When they are old, they enjoy the rest of their lives without taking responsibility for new children.
However, for this turtle, this was the age when he first had children. This is the case when you realize that age can just be a number.

The birth of an endangered species is not only the happiness of mother turtles but also of all wildlife lovers, because the turtle is a real hero who gives birth to children at a late age.

This turtle lives in the European Zoo. Which species can live up to 150 years?

There are about 10 Galapagos tortoises left in the wild. Thus, within the framework of the breeding program, this one was able to give birth to healthy children. It turns out that these species give birth only after 40 years.
Although he is old, he takes care of his children and treats them with love and responsibility.

The father of small turtles is a 54-year-old turtle.

We are glad to know that these turtles continue to exist thanks to caring people.