A 40-year-old retired horse and a 58-year-old man give each other a reason to live

We all know that a best friend is often a dog for humans, but in the case of Donie, he considers his trustworthy horse, Vaco, to be his best companion.
Waco, once a well-known clean driver, now spends his free time with his best friend Donie.

During the day, Donie heads the state information center, where he deals with many people, but he does not wait to leave work to spend time with Vaco. he even lives in an apartment above the stables, so they can be considered roommates.
For the past eight years, Donie has devoted his free time to Vaco.

The friends had a hard time, and Donie thanked Vaco for helping him after his heart attack.
«I could not carry a five-gallon bucket of water because it was too much physical stress,» but the horse helped him recover, and now a five-pound bucket is not a problem.
When Donie first met the horse, he had little appetite.

«I wanted to dig a hole because I did not think it could survive the winter,» he said.

It turned out that this strong old horse was not sick, he was alone.
It took them hours to accept that the horse would not leave him, and that went on for eight years.
Now they both love to socialize and eat animal crackers.
Donnie is even credited with the longevity of the horse. Vako celebrated his 40th birthday, which is 120 years in mortal terms.

«There were times in the winter when a man would go into a barn and go down there. He would put his head on my shoulder and just chew, and he would just calm me down,» he said.
Unfortunately, this faithful horse passed away at the age of 42.
Donie wrote a tribute to his friend, announcing the sad news.
He never thought that a horse would be such a good companion. He was more than an ordinary animal.

Animals have such a unique ability to change our lives, they give more than most of us can imagine. Such an incredible horse. Rest in peace, Vako.
Don and Vaco are so lucky to find each other and spend so many years together.