A baby koala hugs its unconscious mother during a life-saving operation

This is the moment when a 6-month-old baby koala named Phantom stayed by his mother’s side while she underwent life-saving surgery.

A Koala mother named Lizzie suffered from a collapsed lung and a facial injury after she was hit by a car in Australia.

Luckily, the Phantom was unharmed, and since he was very young, the staff decided it would be best to leave him with his mother.

The phantom has perched on his mom’s neck, constantly hugging her, and it seems that his hugs have done their job.

«Phantom is with Lizzy during her procedures and examinations, so that neither mother nor child is nervous,»

«Likewise, the Phantom is in a ‘pouch’ during the weigh-in so that he feels safe and protected away from his mom.»