A cat has been reunited with his owners after an eight-year absence.

After escaping from a cat sanctuary where he and other animals were held for the holidays, this cat went lost. The search for the cat lasted several months.

His owner advertised in the local newspaper for wanted pet, posted orientation papers on the bulletin board and drove around the neighborhood many times. She couldn’t believe the pet had died and hoped that he had been taken in off the street and was being well cared for.

The woman’s intuition did not disappoint her. The cat was adopted by a kind, lonely elderly lady who looked after him till she died. When the new owner died, volunteers took the cat away.

They noticed that the cat’s implanted chip was registered to a different address. After an eight-year wait, the cat was finally returned to his owner, who had never given up hope that her pet would survive.

Based on his appearance and current health, the cat had a happy existence.

«We’d heard of the “lost” being mysteriously restored to their owners, but we hadn’t expected it to happen to us after all these years. The lady cries, «Miracles do happen!»