A chipmunk recalls his savior with gratitude.

We want our kids to be content. Some parents purchase kiddie pools in order to provide delight to their children. It’s entertaining, but it’s difficult to carry everything back every time, so grownups simply leave tiny pools outside. What could possibly go wrong? According to animal rights groups, these ponds are harmful for tiny creatures such as squirrels and chipmunks because they become stuck, wounded, or die in them. This story’s protagonist was on the verge of meeting the same tragic end, but was spared just in time.

Chrissy, a young girl, observed something moving at the bottom of the kiddie pool one day. When she got closer, she discovered a little animal inside. It was difficult to tell who it was at first. However, upon closer scrutiny, Chrissy saw a little chipmunk in front of her.

The unlucky animal was unable to escape the water trap. Chrissy lifted the little fuzzy ball and wrapped it in a nice towel with no resistance because it was weary and startled. The anxious woman phoned the local animal protection office since the chipmunk barely moved.

Chippy, as the chipmunk was christened, should be kept in a secure and warm environment, such as a box wrapped with a towel, according to the service professionals. Chrissy was also advised to feed and hydrate the animal. Because she didn’t have anything else, the girl could only provide bird food.

Chrissy was reassured by the specialists that everything would be alright. They said that the chipmunk was in shock and that he would soon recover. They were correct. Chippy began to move after some shivering and drank a few swallows of water. He ate after a while.

Chrissy placed the box with her new fluffy buddy next to the open window, allowing Chippy to leave the makeshift shelter and return to his natural habitat — nature. And he succeeded.

The narrative, however, did not end there. Chippy made the decision to stay in Chrissy’s yard.

He built a tiny hole near her house and occasionally climbs a tree to keep an eye on her. Chippy, she feels, realizes that he is alive because of her.

We’re pleased things went smoothly, and if you have a tiny pool in your yard, we recommend leaving a little ladder out.