A dog that has slept on a concrete floor for the past eight years suddenly got the most luxurious beds she deserves.

Pitbull spent eight years in a garage lying on the concrete floor. She received minimal care or veterinary treatment. When the rescue team arrived, they were able to persuade Lily’s owner to surrender her.

Lily was pleasant and polite, and she delighted in greeting the rescuers by wagging her tail. The initial goal for the team was to get Lily to a veterinary facility for treatment and operations.

Charlotte, a Manhattan resident, adopted Lily after she spent many months in foster care. Lily has been with her for seven weeks, although she just needed a few days to become used to her new surroundings.

‘She worked out where all the beds in the house were, so it would be nice and lovely for her,’ the hostess revealed. Whether it’s a sofa, bed, or piece of furniture, Lily finds new comfort in unexpected places.

Lily was once caught dozing on two sunbeds simultaneously. She becomes happier and more gregarious with each passing day, and she is forever grateful to her owner for everything. Lily now has a happy life owing to the kindness of others.