A guy was determined to provide a better life for a small one-eyed kitten found on Cairo’s streets.

This cat’s name is Minnie. She was a stray kitten that resided on one of Cairo’s streets with just one eye (the other was underdeveloped) (Egypt). When a Cairo resident called David spotted the kitten, she was in horrible health and there was no cat mother nearby.

Minnie was on her own. David took the initiative to save the kitty. He reached out to a private animal rescue group, which agreed to take the kitten in.

David brought the cat to him and cared for her as well as treated her while the transfer was being prepared.

In a short amount of time, the kitten underwent a full transformation. After a 15-hour journey, Minnie the kitten arrived on May 31. One of the society’s volunteers describes her as “such a cute and charming kitten.”

She merely wants to be lavished with love. She’s only been with us for two days, yet she’s already adapted to our presence. The kitten is currently on the lookout for a new owner and house in the neighborhood. This story, thankfully, has a nice conclusion. Thank you to the compassionate gentleman that aided Minnie.