A homeless cat opens its eyes for the first time in months and dazzles everyone with their beauty.

This cat was found roaming around the streets. He appeared to be frightening: the animal had been hungry for a long time, was parasitized, and had sores and crusts all over his body. The cat’s eyes had been damaged by Demodicosis, and he could no longer open them.

If he hadn’t been spotted in time, he would have died soon — it’s nearly impossible for a blind cat to survive on the street. Assistance did, however, arrive. A woman took in the cat and started treating it immediately away.

«To the cat, nothing was visible». The parasites chewed his eyelids so badly, according to the lady, that he couldn’t open his eyes. — I can imagine his terror at being alone and blind. Due to his difficulty to get food, he became severely malnourished.

The cat was able to relax and fall asleep quietly after being cleaned and fed. For the first time in a long time, he was free of constant itching. The medication worked, and the cat recovered quickly.

When he was finally able to open his eyes, the shelter staff’s amazement knew no bounds. Despite the physicians’ predictions, the cat’s eyesight was recovered. He also disclosed that he has a distinct appearance. He had blue eyes and green eyes. The white fur has smoothed out and is now spotless.