A kitten that a cat identified as his own and couldn’t get enough of.

Lea, a stray cat, was brought to the shelter in poor condition. She’d been tidied up and taken care of. She was ecstatic to be full and couldn’t fathom ever getting hungry again.

She got more intrigued about everything as she gained weight and was looking forward to making friends. ‘Pollar was instantly inquisitive about the new young kitten, and for the first fourteen days, he was able to explore it as much as he wanted since she had to be alone,’ says the author.

Lea was getting more and more excited to spend time with her feline pals. When Lea was properly cured, she was introduced to Pollar, who had been expecting a thorough meet-and-greet.

The kitten was persuaded to do the right thing by the supportive feline, who began wiping her ears. Pollar is keenly conscious of his mother’s obligations.

Because she fits beneath his long legs, he now likes delicately springing toward her and walking straight over the highest point of her as she strolls. When Lea is with her beloved Pollar, she is delighted at all times. She lies down contentedly, knowing that she is cherished.