A male tiger has been caring for four cubs after their mother died following a long illness.

The mother of these four pups died in mid-May.

A few days after her death, experts decided to analyze the records from hidden cameras to see if the cubs needed humanitarian aid. The tiger, on the other hand, had already begun to nurture them.

This is quite uncommon. The mother has complete responsibility for the infants’ upbringing when they are born.

She feeds the cubs, introduces them to the outside world, educates them on how to survive and forage for themselves, and she can stay with them for up to two years.

Male tigers are solitary beasts that seldom help females. The tiger’s behavior, on the other hand, violated all previous understanding about these great animals.

The tiger never left the area where the orphaned cubs had set up camp, and he frequently left food for them. Every few days, he went hunting and returned with the game no later than two days later.

In most cases, the tiger did not touch the meat until the cubs were completely pleased. Due to their sponsor, they are well-fed, active, and vivacious, and are already attempting to catch tiny things.