A man saved a frozen little animal, which was a heartwarming sight to see.

Isaac Matthews, an Australian, has become a web celebrity. The man had no desire for fame, yet his deed made everyone happy. He lives on Kangaroo Island, which has been severely impacted by recent wildfires. Rain and strong winds followed the scorching heat, and the island is now experiencing very chilly evenings. Isaac is a farmer who discovered a dead female possum in the morning while traveling through his land. A terrified cub perched on her body and clung to his mother with all his might.

The child was weary, chilly, and virtually immobile. The dad rushed him to his car and switched on the heater to keep the infant warm. He videotaped this heartfelt moment. The youngster warmed up, moved about, and pressed his palm on his palm. Life is a miracle!

Users couldn’t suppress their feelings and showered the man with compliments. This is a really moving performance. We wish the crumbs good health and the guy good fortune. May all the nice people in the world be happy!