A military dog does not sleep, even when defending a sleeping soldier at the airport.

In the United States Army, dogs play an essential role in attempting to defend others. They have a number of abilities and abilities that humans lack, such as the capacity to detect objects with their sense of smell.

They are also examples of exceptional friendships with their military comrades that may last long after the service has ended. And this photo, which shows a soldier dozing off at the airport while being guarded by a faithful dog, went viral swiftly.

It quickly propagated over all social media sites. At the Indianapolis airport, someone grabbed a snapshot of a vigilant German Shepherd guarding their sleeping companion. According to airport authorities, they slept at the airport with a group of ten servicemen and two hounds.

It’s unclear if they’re getting ready for a business trip or returning home, but they seem exhausted and in need of rest. And this soldier might rest well at night, knowing that his kind guardian was keeping an eye on him, maybe even using him as a warm blanket.

Whatever happens, dogs will always be our best companions, doing everything they can to keep us safe.