A pure donkey, that was abandoned by his mother found a new loving home at a sanctuary

The story of a pure donkey baby, that became abandoned

Life was very difficult for this little foal, as he was abandoned by his mother from birth. But he was not alone, The hopeless donkey found a new loving mother!

The baby’s mother was pregnant, when she came to Donkey Sanctuary in the UK. The short time was left until the baby would be born, but the mare named Millie wasn’t ready to be a mom. Although the staff prepared her for being a mother, she rejected her baby after it’s birth.

“We have done everything to make the mare accept its baby and take care of her, but she didn’t allow her child near her. And shortly after she rejected her.

It was very difficult for a newborn baby to survive without a mother. But the sanctuary staff did their best for the baby. They fed him with a bottle every 3-4 hours and spend a lot of time with him, making him feel loved and cared. But no matter the care it was given, the baby needed mother’s warmth.

The staff decided to introduce the little baby to another mare, called “auntie” Jingle. After only a little time they became inseparable. After all the hardships he deserved to be loved!

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