A small cat with large paws decided to stay with the person who adopted him.

Last month, Tarra was collecting some porch stones when a guy informed her about his neighbor’s cats that needed to be adopted. Tarra, who has rescued and adopted several felines and dogs, paid the family a visit and noticed one of the cats was unique.

She couldn’t take her mind off them. The small cat with several extra toes was the only one that needed a home when she returned; the others had all been adopted. Maxim, the nine-week-old kitten, was ready to be adored.

Maxim approached his human for affection after settling into his new home. Maxim was a little overwhelmed when he got home after his most memorable vet appointment.

It’s still unclear whether he’ll take his time getting to know everyone in the house. In what seemed like an instant, he went over to the kitten playpen to spend time with the canine.

Every trick from the rambunctious feline was accepted by the supporting canine. In his permanent house, the kitten with the enormous gloves lives like a lord.