A small child earns more than $2,000 to help with animal care at a local shelter.

Marie Coreia was talking to her grandson about food drives one day. Konner, 8, was immediately enthralled by the prospect of finding something similar for animals. At that moment, he had a wonderful idea.

He decided to donate all of his savings to animals. His grandmother also suggested that they gather food for them in the yard. Konner agreed right away. In this vein, the entire family decided to band together to aid the animals.

Grandma posted fliers, mother grabbed a basket, and sister dressed up as a dog. They opted to collect toys, food, and other necessities for a neighboring shelter. The family started listening to music and waiting for individuals.

Despite this, they didn’t have to wait long. The entire city turned out to participate in the event. The family then worked out way to raise more than $2,000 in less than four hours.

They acquired a large amount of goods in addition to cash. They provided a large amount of materials. Gifts filled up to two trucks in this manner.

Konner continued to donate all of his money to the shelter even after the incident. What a bright young man!