A stranger threw the bag out, which the couple spotted. In her, they had found a long-lost friend

A young couple was out riding their bikes on a lonely road on a beautiful May day when they noticed a car slowing down just off to the side of the road.

No one got out, though; instead, a small bag was tossed out and the car drove away. The two rode their bicycles to the bag, but they had no idea what, or rather who, they could find inside; yet, they decided to investigate.

They were surprised to see a small and quite cute puppy in the bag, who was quite charming and rushed up to meet them enthusiastically and unconcerned when they approached.

They discovered that he was in good health after further examination. Initially, they intended to take him to a shelter, but he was so cute that they opted to keep him at home.

The kitty was given the name Lorez. For an unwanted puppy, a family, love, and care were found. And the cat’s new owners couldn’t believe it had been in such a bad environment.