A stray dog keeps sneaking into the store to steal a stuffed unicorn, so the officer buys one for him

Every dog has a favorite toy to which is more attached than anything else. These toys can bring great joy and comfort to our pets.
But homeless dogs are lonely and often do not have toys. and so when the stray dog fell in love with the unicorn, he realized he had to get it somehow.

Animal Control received a call last week about a very unusual case of shoplifting.
The stray dog would break into their shop again and again … always stealing the same purple unicorn toy.

It seems that the dog is so dependent on this toy that it will not stop at anything to get it. He is known to have returned five times to steal the unicorn.
«He immediately went to the unicorn, the same thing every time,» says the leader.
But the officer who had come to the scene to bring the dog back had a heart. Seeing the importance of the unicorn for a homeless man, he paid with his money to buy one for her.

The dog was taken to an animal protection service and kept in custody while the staff tried to find out if he had any owners.
It was clear that this toy was a whole world for a stray dog and he had no one. Upon admission, the dog grabbed his plush toy, which is now his.
The kind act of the officer did not surprise his peers.
«That’s what he always did,» «That’s not news to him, it’s just another dog, but yes, he always does it for animals.»

The oficers named the dog Sisu in honor of the hero of the Disney movie «Raya and the Last Dragon», who has a unicorn-like horn and a purple violet.
Soon the dog was handed over for adoption. Animal Services shared a story about a shoplifting dog that helped make his adoption viral.
«A dog with other dogs and will not object.»
While he waited for someone to take him home, the dog continued to rely on his soft unicorn for comfort.

Animal rights activists suspected that he might have a home at some point, which is why he insisted on having the toy.
But no matter where he comes from, the dog now has a nice home.

After his story spread, the dog finally got its deserved happy ending. Of course, he will bring his beloved unicorn with him, along with a few extras. In honor of its most famous customer, the store announced that it would give more plush unicorns to its adopted family.