After losing her baby, veterinarian shares heartbreaking scene of mare ‘adopting’ orphaned child

After losing her calf, a devastated mother horse adopts a newborn orphan foal, as this veterinarian noticed, Dr. Patrick even photographed the event, and one of the images went viral. The script demonstrates once again that the cute creatures we call «farm animals» have feelings just like humans!

“Two days ago, a group of people got together, working as a team.” “Saving a pregnant mare but losing a foal… A group of people introduced a filly that lost her mother today using the same mare as two days ago. This photo was taken an hour after the presentation and speaks for itself.”
The pregnancy of the pregnant mare proceeded as planned, but when she went into labor, Dr. Patrick, who had been watching her throughout the pregnancy, sensed that something was wrong. However, her child did not survive.

The horse, in general very lively and tender, could not cope with the loss. She was depressed and devastated. However, her consolation had not yet come. Dr. Patrick and his colleagues learned about the foal, which unfortunately lost its mother during childbirth a few days after the horrific event. That’s when the vet decided to put them together and nothing could have prepared him for what happened next.

Fortunately, this tragedy has a happy ending. The mother horse quickly took the helpless foal under her wing and gave him love and care as her child. The orphan foal, on the contrary, got exactly what he needed: maternal warmth!
The vet stated, «We just put them together, just like that.» “We were lucky that this mare was smitten and wanted to be taken. The horse fell in love with him from the moment he arrived.”