After military service, the soldier is looking forward to seeing his dog again.

It’s heartwarming to see a veteran reunited with the dog he served with overseas. The stewardess made the long-awaited reunion possible, and happily, eyewitnesses were able to capture it on camera, giving us a glimpse into a man’s incredibly devoted attachment to his pet.

Hailey is a specially trained canine who has previously served in Afghanistan. Tomas, a soldier, was her instructor. As a result, it’s only natural for the two to become good friends.

The service dog was always there to defend the soldier and his colleagues. As a result, when the time came to repay the obligation, the young man chose to do so. When Hailey was dismissed from the service, he, like every other military canine, had to be placed for adoption.

Because Hailey and her former trainer lived so close together, she couldn’t locate a better place to live. Fortunately, Mery, a lovely lady, made it all possible.

Mery, a stewardess, made it a point to reunite military dogs with their former trainers. Thanks to this compassionate woman, Tomas was able to adopt his old reliable friend Hailey.