After years of abuse, the senior horse found peace in his new home.

One of our nice deeds might sometimes mean the world to someone else! Our story’s protagonist is Arthur, a senior horse who was cruelly abandoned by his owner after laboring as a workhorse for much of his life.

The sad 30-year-old animal was in terrible shape when his previous owner surrendered him to dealers, and he ended up in the hands of a number of different dealers. Fortunately, he was not alone in his ordeal. Max, an abandoned horse, was the next animal he encountered. They might be able to break the circle by working together. Then a miracle occurred: a woman saw them on a website, and as the creator of a horse sanctuary farm, she did everything she could to aid the horses, and their misery came to an end.

She acquired the horses from Pennsylvania vendors who planned to transport them to New Holland. The horses were terrified and physically fatigued after undergoing grueling tests. When they entered the sanctuary, though, everything changed. It took these lovely horses two years to fully heal.