An extremely rare pink dolphin spotted in the Louisiana River with her pink calf

All animals are adored by their eggs. But sometimes one of them causes a complete stir, captivating everyone’s hearts. This is the case with this rare dolphin seen in the lake. The pink dolphin sounds like something that can only exist in a cartoon or a child’s imagination. However, the camera captured this pink dolphin named Pink.

As it turned out, the dolphin has been swimming in these waters for many years. After the images of the dolphin spread, several people announced that they too had the opportunity to see Pinky in real life. Well, the pink dolphin will not go unnoticed wherever it goes.

Experts say that dolphins with this unique color suffer from albinism. This condition, which also occurs in humans, is the reason Pinky is not similar in color to other dolphins. Pinky’s body simply doesn’t produce the usual chemicals that turn skin gray.

A scientist from the Institute of Biotechnology said that Pinky is an albino. The reasons for his thoughts are the dolphin’s reddish eyes and visible blood vessels.

“We still see her swimming almost every day in the summer”, “We have seen her a lot over the past few weeks. She looks happy and healthy.»
Therefore, the question was on everyone’s lips: “What color will her caviar be?”
And now we finally have the answer, as the last video clearly shows two pink dolphins swimming in front of the ship on the Ship Canal! Be sure to watch to the end!