As he is surrounded by extra fluffy doggies, the 6 month old infant beams with happiness.

Leo, a six-month-old infant, is often posing with hairy dogs that seem like a golden retriever combined with a poodle. Jessie, the mother, has 700,000 Instagram followers who are all about the dogs and the child.

Jessie is also the mother of two additional one-year-old golden doodles from the same litter, Charles and Sheea. Leo, her kid, has a special relationship with tiny dogs and likes playing with them.

‘It’s incredible to watch Leo’s friendship with dogs grow; eventually, Leo will be offering them goodies,’ Jessie remarked.

Over the last month, Leo has really started stroking and looking for them, and he’s grown more conscious of their existence, which has been wonderful to observe.

If Leo sees the photographs, fans quipped, he’ll think he’s a dog as well! He is a very confident and light-hearted young man; clearly, some of this is due to inherited traits and charming personality traits.

The mother, on the other hand, feels that her behavior was influenced by canines.’

My major motivation for creating the account is to let go of certain preconceptions and share photos of his family’s daily activities, notably the wonderful lives of inseparable pals.