Baby Elephant Is Reunited With Her Mother After 3 Years – Captured In Touching Video

The most sorrowful thing for mothers is being far away from their children and vice versa.

Meet Me-Bai, the little elephant who can be seen cuddling with her mother, Mae Yui, in the Elephant Nature Park refuge in the north of Thailand. When Me-Bai was just three and a half years old she was separated from her mother and was sent to provide tourist rides in Thailand. She couldn’t see her mother and her heart was devastated.

The elephants live with their mothers at least 5 years and oly then they can live separately.

Soon the little elephant began to lose wight and became very weak. People undersood taht she missed her mother and this was the reason of her illness and sent her to see her mother. Me-Bai was rescued and transported to the refuge following a four-day, 62-mile (100-kilometer) walk in the burningg sun.

The mother and daughter couldn’t believe their eyes and hugged each other very sensitively. They started to touch each other with their trunks all day long. Because elephant trunks are so sensitive, psychologist and elephant behavior specialist Preston Foerder of the University of Tennessee believes that elephants communicate through touch, voice, and sight.