Beauty queens: when the stylists of «Reboot» outdid themselves

This is a program that allows ordinary girls and women to become completely different, both externally and internally. To achieve the goal, different specialists are involved in the work: stylists, make-up artists, hairdressers, and psychologists.
Thanks to this show, Svetlana was able to feel like a real beauty. Thanks to the professional staff.

The experts created a very elegant and delicate image for the participant named Victoria. Emphasizing the beauty of a woman.

The stylists did their best for Vika, making her fragile and feminine. Transformation is simply unbelievable.

Galina is a mother of three children. Of course, their upbringing made her very tired, which harmed her appearance. Thanks to stylists, she became an elegant and attractive woman. Galina is used to overcoming her problems without the help of outsiders.

Thanks to the show, Tatiana restored not only her beauty but also her youth. The specialists helped her to improve her complexion, to make her skin toned and supple.

The psychologist helped Masha overcome her fears and become more confident and courageous.

Natasha is a strong lady with a strong will. The specialists chose the hair color that suits her perfectly, as they did with high-quality make-up. Now the participant will love herself more.

Thanks to this amazing program!