Cat Guides Lost Hiker Down A Mountain In Switzerland

Once a cat guided a lost man in Gimmelwald, Switzerland.

Gimmelwaald is a very tiny but attractive place. The hero of this story told that he was skiing in the mountains of Lauterbrunnen when he got lost as some of the trails were closed.

The man couldn’t find the road to descend from the mountains and started to find them on the map. When he sat to have some snacks he noticed a cat looking straight at him. The cat approached the man and tried to help the lost man.

It was as if the cat knew that he was lost and started to lead him. The cat was not mistaken and it turned out that he knew the trails very well as he was a resident of those areas.

Soon the man was in the right place and it was time to say goodbye to his clever guide. The savior kitty lives at a hostel in the village and is totally loved by tourists who visit the area.