Cat ‘Thanks’ Woman Who Opens the Door for Her Kittens After She’s Lived Outside All Her Life

This pregnant cat Iluna was roaming the streets in search of incredible. She couldn’t have imagined that life would change for her so fast and unexpectedly.

Anne, a foster volunteer of Kat Zoekt Thuis (Cat Looking for Home), was informed about Iluna and rushed for help. She took care of the pet and brought her home immediately. The kind woman began to make some relationships with the cat step by step.

The cat seemed to be a barn cat as she was a bit confused indoors. Soon she found comfort by sitting near the window and looking outside. Not so easily but day after day Anne became more familiar with Iluna and the cat finally trusted her. She started to lick her foster mom as a sign of “Thanks.”

Soon Anne gave her a litter box as the day of the labor was close. When the day came the cat was very calm and Anne to The Love Meow that she had a very smooth delivery and gave birth to wonderful and healthy kittens.

Anne told that she was a very well-organized mother cat. The new moms often lay on top of their babies but Iluna was very cautios and never had she done such clumsy things. Watch these cuties in the video below.