Couple rescues rejected baby squirrel and brings her up properly

Just picture getting home and spotting a nest, made by a mother squirrel, with 2 newborn kitts inside.

For one man, the only solution was to call a local couple well versed in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, Christina and Michael.

It was probably the only option for the poor babies but it was unknown how the story would turn.

The couple’s number one objective was to reunite the babies with their mother but it became apparent that she didn’t plan to take her babies. Her original nest was ruined because of neighboring construction…

Then the mother ceased to be spotted next to her babies.

One of the newborns, not long after, died. So, Christina and Michael had the other baby examined by a vet who believed that the newborn would not pull through either.

The couple came to a decision to take charge of the struggling baby themselves.

The kit was named Thumbelina and her case was really special.

She was born in an uncommon season and losing her sister meant she would not socialize with other squrirels at a vital time she normally would have.

Despite everything, she survived.

She grew very slowly and had health problem. She didn’t want to interact with other squirrels. She refused to play with them and got stressed next to them.

Thumb is not ready to live in the wild. She doesn’t jump or climb well, and is a little clumsy. She doesn’t have a strong grip, which is vital when crossing through trees.

She also has hormonal imbalances. Low progesterone was causing lot of pain.

So, Thumbalina, «had a full hysterectomy.»

After the operation, Thumbalina was, «back to her playful lifestyle.»

She keeps on fighting Endocrine issues.

Meanwhile, she is doing a great job.

She spends her days playing, cuddling with her Mom and Dad.

We do hope that Thumbelina can help people realize how significant it is to love and be caring to nature.