Dog Adopts An Orphaned Opossum After Losing Its Mother In A Car Accident

Just when you think dogs could not be more loving and caring little things, they prove time and time again that they truly have the purest hearts especially when other animals need help. They are the epitome of the saying love knows no bounds, and they truly deserve all the love in the world that they put out.

Dogs are naturally social creatures that always crave for the next human or non-human interaction, and they are very accepting of other animals, even those that are very far away from their own kind. They enjoy lots of interaction and will tend to avoid isolation at all costs.

As caring as they are, some dogs just don’t pass down the opportunity to look out for other animals and serve as a parent to them even if they don’t look alike. They are always seeking ways to show love and comfort to others more than themselves, and we all love them for upholding these traits in this world that we live in.

With that said, a very caring white German Shepherd has proved this to be true once again, as she adopts and takes care of an orphaned possum that lost its mother in a car accident. Check out their story below!

This poor tiny baby opposum was left orphaned after his mom passed away in a tragic car accident

We all know how life in the wild is very difficult and almost impossible for any baby animal to survive without a parent to rely on. Fortunately, this little creature was just found at the right time and had the chance to have a better restart with his life.

This poor tiny baby opposum was left orphaned after his mom passed away in a tragic car accident

The rescue team that found the baby opposum named him Poncho

They discovered the poor creature climbing on its dead mother on the side of the road. He survived, but it seemed like the chances of survival was becoming poorer every minute for him.

Fortunately, the team didn’t abandon him and was brought at the Rare Species Fund in South Carolina.

The rescue team that found the baby opposum named him Poncho
As soon as Poncho arrived at the rescue sanctuary, he met the sweetest creature that would grace his life—a dog named Hantu that almost immediately became his own mother.

Possums are known to spend the first few months of their lives attached to their mother’s back, so when the people at the Rare Species Fund saw that the white dog was carrying the opossum on her back, they were in awe and their hearts melted at the sight of them.

“They are both playing important roles in each other’s lives. When Hantu goes for her daily walks through the woods, she won’t leave the house until Poncho is securely mounted on her back,” Robert Johnson, staff member at the Rare Species Fund, said.

Now, with a beautiful bond formed, another life was saved and the relationship that Hantu and Poncho formed is certainly one of the most heartwarming things you will ever hear at present time. The way Hantu cares for Poncho like her own son and the way Poncho latches on to Hantu like her own mother is a great example of how wondrous and non-judging animals can be.

We can all learn to be like that in some ways. Comment down your thoughts and share this beautiful story with your family and friends!