Dog Chained To Abandoned House Gets Rescued And Now Loves To Hug Everyone He Meets

Toro is a kind-hearted and cute dog with a terrible past. The poor dog was found chained to a fence outside an abandoned house. He was a five-year-old dog who had never lived in a house before.

The dog was taken to the  Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter where he was thoroughly cared for. Then he was examined by the vet and gave treatment.

The poor dog was shy and couldn’t trust people. It was quite clear, however, because his life conditions were just horrible.

But the shelter staff made an astonishing change in Toro’s life. They helped the dog overcome his fears and find trust in people. The dog was so delighted by the shelter’s attitude towards him that he began to hug and kiss everyone whom he considered his friend.

Now the dog healed completely and waits for his owners impatiently. Such changes should appear in our lives more often to have a wonderful and positive surroundings.