Dog Still Hugs His Mom Every Day She Comes Home Since Being Rescued 1 Year Earlier

Meet Kylo Ren who was left in the West Memphis Animal Shelter when he was 10 months old.

The dog had been in the shelter for a short time until a lovely couple took him home. Meghan Sweer and her husband made up their minds to keep the dog from the first foster day they spent together. The dog was so grateful to them that he hugged Meghan and wanted to be on her lap forever.

Since then, Kylo wanted to snuggle his lovely owner every time she came home. Meghan told that she didn’t have time even to take her shoes off as Kylo would jump on her lap and hug her. And if Meghan couldn’t hug her he followed her with the saddest look ever until he would get what he wanted. Thanks to the kind owners Kylo would never feel loneliness and the absence of love in his life.