Summer had been homeless for a long time, living on the streets of Los Angeles. She was fed by community members, and they discovered she was pregnant one day. After giving birth, the inhabitants quickly requested assistance so that the adorable family would not have to struggle for survival on the streets, and when her rescuers arrived, the dog calmly awaited the rescue of each of her puppies.

“She lived on the streets for a long; her neighbors fed her and enjoyed having her about because she was so kind, but when she had babies in the bushes, they felt they had to do the right thing and notify us so the babies and mom could be safe and clean with us.”

Dog waits patiently while her puppies are rescued

After receiving a call about the mother and her pups, the rescue organization quickly set out to find them. Summer had just given birth a few hours ago, and she was calmly guarding her new puppies in the bushes.

When her rescuers came, the adorable puppy welcomed them cheerfully, as if she knew they were coming to aid her and her new home.

Eldad stated,

“We contacted her personally, and she was really friendly to us. She let us pick up the puppies immediately away, which was surprising given how protective moms are of their offspring.”

Summer continued coming from the bushes, checking to see if her puppies were in good hands, while the rescuers began taking the pups out of the bushes one by one.

Summer seemed to have been taken care of by the appropriate people throughout her time on the streets, since she was quite trusting of her rescuers, despite the fact that she had just recently met them. They were there for the right reasons, and the lovely little dog watched as six of her newborns were rescued.

Summer emerged from the bushes after each pup and was overjoyed to be back with her family, snuggled up on a warm blanket, and ready to start her new life.

The mother and her pups were taken to the veterinarian for a checkup and cleaning, and they were all well. Summer is descended from a rare French breed of dog known as the Berger Picard, as Eldad and her pals discovered.

Sasha, Skylar, Savanna, Sebastian, Sampson, and Seymour were the puppies’ names.

Eldad stated,

“The main truth is that it makes no difference what race she belongs to. This dog had spent a long time on the streets, was fed by the community, and we were there to save her and her puppies.”

Summer and her pups have been placed in a foster home where they may play and develop together until they are old enough to be adopted.

When the children were ready, they were placed for adoption and adopted by loving family.