“Donkey dog” fetches and is house-trained just like his K9 siblings

When Jody Topping found the little miniature donkey on the farm she thought it was a rabbit. However, she liked him very much and brought him home. She named him Tiny Tim.

The kind woman took him to the vet where it turned out that the little one had some liver problems. Jody was very careful with Tim and started a special treatment. He was fed every 20 minutes. Then every 40 minutes and then every 2 hours. Soon Tiny Tim got better and started a very playful house pet.

Though donkeys are not house animals Tiny Tim enjoyed his time spent in the house. He played with the dogs and did many dog-like and human-like things.

He wag his tail when he was happy, fetch balls, and loved to play a pillow fight with Jody’s husband.