Elderly Woman Reunites With Her Lost Cat Four Years After The Earthquake That Separated Them

6 years ago a destructive earthquake took not only home from an elderly woman Dora but also her lovely kitten.

When the earthquake struck Italy 6 years ago it took more than 4000 homes. So an elderly woman named Dora was amongst them. But the woman’s loss affected her very severely as she adored her kitten. During the earthquake, the kitten ran away. The frightened kitten could be anywhere in the world.

She was very depressed and whatever her family hadn’t done for her Dora wanted her kitten and nothing more. She believed that her kitten was somewhere near her. But the words of the elderly woman weren’t senseless and her kitten was alive. One day a miracle happened.

The kitten appeared in Dora’s house and she couldn’t believe her eyes. One of her friends showed their touching reunion on her Facebook page and the story went viral.