Fans of Janet Jackson are amazed by her appearance in the new pictures of the star

The bright celebrity Janet Jackson is 54 years old. It is extremely diificult to imagine that she reaches her 60 as she looks like a young woman. Jackson’s fans praise her and love her such perfect appearance. But there are also the ones who critisize her saying that she uses plastic surgeries too much. So the latest pics of star aroused a huge wave of talks.

Fans of the diva discussed the transformations in Janet’s appearance, noting that Jackson once again changed the shape of her nose and lips. There were different comments: “In the footsteps of Michael”, “Soon she will turn into a clone of her brother”, “And the nose is getting smaller and smaller”, “She was so beautiful” , «It’s their family», «What’s with the eyebrows, Janet?».

And what do you think about her look? Do you like such changes in her face and body? Do you accept the importane of the surgical interventions?