Guy rushes to save puppies; Ends up rescuing the whole family

Brady Oliveira from K9 Advocates rescue organization in Manitoba, Canada had read an announcement on the internet about abandoned puppies and rushed with volunteers to the address.

When they arrived they saw the mother dog who lead the rescuers to her puppies. The rescuers found the puppies hiding under the deck. They were petrified and afraid of humans.

But the kind rescues took them out. Only one little puppy didn’t want to be caught. After 20 minutes of running the rescuers finally caught the little one. Brady hugged the little puppy and promised that they would have better life ever after.

The puppies found their foster homes after a while and even their mother found a safe home for her. Due to the kind, people and Brady who couldn’t pass indifferently by these puppies now all of them have their warm angles and live happily.