Heartbroken Dog Who Lived Chained To A Tree For 7 Years While Forced to Eat Off The Ground Is Finally Given A Second Chance At Life

The hero of this story is a miserable but cute dog who suffered more than she could imagine.

The little dog named Luna had been chained in her owner’s yard for 7 years. She couldn’t believe that her owner could treat her like that. The dog didn’t even have a bowl to eat from and she ate her meals straight off the ground.

But soon her life changed due to their kind-hearted neighbor. The neighbor couldn’t bear the scene and suffering of the dog anymore and contacted DAR Animal Rescue.

The dog was soon in safe and warm hands. The caretakers gave her a blanket and proper food and after a while the dog felt comforted and felt that this was her chance for better life.

And Luna wasn’t mistaken as teh caregives were doing all the neccessary things to mek he happy.

The poor dog’s hair was matted and the caretakers gave her a bath and shaved  her kindly. The dog became unrecognizable. Soo she was ready to be adopted.

After a few days a nice family wanted to adopt Luna and now after so many hardships the dog was goin to have a safe and pleasant life without any abuses.