Heroic Yorkie fights off a coyote to save his 10-year-old owner

There is nothing more special than the bond between a child and his dog.
A small but very brave man proved this this week after he protected his 10-year-old owner from the coyote while getting injured.
Macy is a six-year-old York mix living with her master’s family.

The dog was recently walking with the family’s 10-year-old daughter, and things changed dramatically when the girl came face to face with a wild coyote.

Maisie was recently walking the family’s 10-year-old daughter, and everything changed dramatically when the girl came face to face with a wild coyote.

But surprisingly, the little dog became a hero, fighting against the coyote to protect its owner.

The background of the footage shows how the coyote attacks Macy and the girl calls for help.
In the end, the dog bravely wins the fight. he continues to bark, and at last, the coyote retreats, as if the little dog had driven him away.

«You can see how our dog got into my daughter’s coyote,» said the girl’s mother. «Even after he was seriously injured, he continued to bark and drive the coyote.
Although the dog managed to fight the coyote, he nevertheless received several injuries. «He received extensive injuries to his body and leg,» «He is undergoing surgery for wounds in an emergency animal hospital.»

The woman was heartbroken to learn that her beloved little dog had suffered so much to save her daughter.
Macy was taken to an animal hospital where his injuries were treated, but the bill eventually cost thousands.

But when the family set up the foundation page, raising money for the foundations and sharing the dog’s heroic story with the world, people showed up and nearly doubled the $ 20,000 goal to raise money.

And even better, the dog is recovering well now,
«His fever has passed and his appetite has returned,» he wrote today. «I am just proud of him. No coyote will want to embarrass him when he gets home. My daughter is a real fighter. I love you very much. You can do it!Yorkie