How does a girl looks like after operating her «clown» nose

Coney Lloyd came to this world with a weird mark on her nose. Medicals assured that everything will pass by the time and the baby was diagnosed with hemangioma.

The girl was consuming medicine as she was prescribed. Parents were concerned about that red dot and waited until it vanished or turned smaller.

Instead, the dot was getting bigger and everyone thought it will cover the girl’s full face. This also brought the attention of society. Sometimes people were joking or making associations with a girl and a clown. This made a girl become less talkative and with complexes.

After this, the parents were in search of a good doctor. Finally, after 3 years, they did it. It was defiantly worth it.

Fortunately, the operation went well and both parents and a girl are happy to have the dot removed. Now she is more extroverted and also safe from strange looks.

Here is how she looks today! We wish her happiness.