In a safari park, four healthy and rare lion cubs are born.

These lovely and adorable lions are extremely rare creatures with gorgeous white fur due to a genetic defect. Their white coat is caused by leucism, a genetic disease similar to albinism but less severe.

Leucism occurs when an animal loses some of its colors while keeping its eyes and lips the same. There are less than thirteen wild white lions and less than 300 white lions in captivity at the moment.

What are the chances that four of these incredibly rare and adorable tiny furballs were born at the same time? It’s no wonder that the internet fell in love with the photos when they were shared on social media.

Males were found in all four of these extremely unusual and beautiful babies. The cubs may be seen eating and playing with each other in photographs posted on Facebook. The cubs are in good condition and are developing quickly.

Regardless of its special circumstances, the white lion is a threatened species. The species should be explored, valued, and conserved as quickly as possible.