In a shelter, a donkey abandoned by his mother meets a new loving family.

This small animal’s life was simple after she was rejected by her mother shortly after birth. Fortunately, he was not alone. When the infant got a new loving mother and was surrounded by care, she was able to overcome the condition.

When Ben came to the donkey’s refuge, his mother was expecting a child. Milie, the baby, was not ready to be a mother with only a few months to go before she gave birth. Despite the efforts of the caregivers, she rejected her baby shortly after birth.

The shelter reported, “The mare and her calf have not been together and have showed no symptoms of the bonding process that typically happens.” “We tried all we could to encourage her to accept him, but this young and inexperienced mother just refused to let the colt near her – it was obvious that she had abandoned him.”

For a newborn animal, the odds of survival without a mother are exceedingly tiny, and Bee was no exception. But the foster family’s loyal members did everything they could to keep the tiny foal alive, and in the end, they succeeded. They feed him around 3-4 p.m. with a bottle and spend a lot of time with him, making him feel safe and loved. Even still, Ben needed someone at his side at all times to keep him warm and safe, and only a mother could do that.

Benny met Jingle, another donkey at the sanctuary, due to his mother’s absence. They quickly became inseparable  to  everyone’s amazement. Ben had finally found a loving mother, which made everyone happy. After all, he’s earned it after everything he’s gone through.

In the video below, you can learn more about Ben’s inspirational journey.