Incredible Moment A Great Grey Owl Lands On Photographer’s Camera

Once a photographer Anais Trépanier had gone on a photo trip to the Côte-de-Beaupré region north of Quebec City, Canada, with fellow photographer Thomas Pham-Van and other photographers.

Trepanier noticed a huge gray owl and wanted to take some photos of the owl sitting on the fence when suddenly she told that the owl was on her lens.

The photographer was told not to move as her friends were taking wonderful photos.

Trepanier told that she took some photos of this bird while flting but this time she was amazed when the gray owl perched on the camera.

The owl stayed perched on teh camera for over 30 seconds and this was enough to have these stunning photos.

The photographer stayed very calm but a little nervous as it was a bit frightening to see such an enormous bird near your face.

However, the brave photographer stood still in order to have such shots.