Kind police officer comforts toddler after finding him wandering streets

When calls came into the station about a small child wandering the streets alone, Officer James Hurst responded immediately

Hurst is an officer in Savannah, Georgia and although it is his job to protect and serve, he went above and beyond the call of duty.Concerned citizens saw the little boy wandering around in the cold and were worried about his safety.

They called the police station for help and Officer Hurst responded.A photograph that says a thousand words.Officer Hurst didn’t waste a single moment getting that little boy to safety. He was able to pick him up and take him to get an exam at a nearby hospital.While at the hospital, the officer was photographed cradling the young boy.

The photo quickly went viral because of the compassion you see in the officer’s face.

He wasn’t obligated to stay with the boy but he did.

Understandably, the little boy became very scared and nervous during the hospital exam. Hurst was right by his side to comfort him.

He picked up the boy and held him tight.
He felt it was just ‘human instinct to pick him up and comfort him,’ he told KTLA 5 New

Sometimes an embrace can be healing.
Hurst told KTLA 5 News that the hospital staff was great and looked after the little boy with such care. However, after the boy kept crying, the officer grabbed him and held him against his chest. This immediately calmed the little boy.

His fatherly instincts kicked in.
The little boy fell instantly to sleep and the now-famous photo was taken. The image of Hurst shows the best of humanity and the world fell in love with it.

A father himself, Hurst says that he just did what felt right.

“As a father to small boys, it was just natural to want to soothe this child…I didn’t expect any of this…it’s been quite overwhelming actually.” – Hurst told WDTN-TV

He doesn’t need any praise. Officer Hurst told the news outlets that he was just doing his job and any other officer would have done the same.

“This job is so much more than just chasing the bad guys. It’s about serving the citizens of the communities that you work in and doing what they need you to do,” Hurst told

A lucky little boy.
The toddler was definitely in danger wandering alone on a busy street. The hospital said he was in good condition considering his ordeal. One thing is definite- he was a lucky little boy to have Officer Hurst in his corner.

Many times all it takes is one caring person to come to a person’s aid. Yes, it was his job but it’s obvious that this was a response from the heart.