Kitty was seen on video comforting his restless brother while his mother was absent.

Nossy was a tough person to approach when he initially joined his family. He’s always been a lonely kitty, but his mother believed that having a buddy would improve him, and she was totally correct.

Milo had been a part of the family for about 18 months, and he and Nossy had been inseparable since then. Rosie was gone for seven days, giving Nossy and Milo the opportunity to spend more than a few days together.

Despite the fact that she had hired a pet sitter to care for them, they would stow away anytime she went by. Milo’s mother was concerned since he is so close to him.

While Rosie was out, she happened to glance at one of the cameras and saw the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. Milo looked to be the one who was irritable with Mom while he was away from home.

He was sitting in front of Nossy when he suddenly leaned in, and Nossy comforted him by wrapping his arm over him.

Rosie ultimately returned home, and while the cats were obviously glad to see her, they realized they’d be alright without her because they already had each other.