«Launched herself: cellulite and excess weight.» Plump Selena Gomez surprised her appearance

Selena Gomez remains one of the most sought after and talented actresses and singers in the world. She has many fans around the world who support and love her. Selena’s work inspires millions of people. And despite the difficulties in life, a difficult operation and a painful breakup, Selena again shines on stage.

However, she revised a lot in her life. Now she is more attracted to the spiritual than the material. She learned to love herself, not to criticize herself, and not to be overly demanding of herself. Selena has become more loyal to the criticism of others. And it helped her find harmony with herself.

And she seems to have allowed herself to relax. She enjoyed the summer, delicious food and company with friends, I don’t think about the figure, diets and kilograms. However, the ubiquitous paparazzi did not miss the opportunity to take a few pictures, where Selena did not appear in the best light. Her extra pounds and slightly flabby figure are visible. In addition, the singer chose an unsuccessful swimsuit, which only emphasized the flaws. Perhaps self-isolation is to blame, and soon Selena will put herself in order.