Little Dog Spends All Day Bringing Sticks To His Best Friend

When Tilly G and Skippy met it was love at first sight. Skippy the dog ad Tilly G the tortoise were adopted together and now happily live in a warm atmosphere.

Skippy adores his friend and does everything in his power to make his friend happy. They do almost everything together; snaking, playing, sleeping, but the best leisure for them is when Skippy brings sticks for the tortoise.

Even though Tilly G doesn’t pay any attention to this Skippy keeps bringing sticks every time he finds them. The tortoise will be very glad to see romaine lettuce in the sticks or some other leaves but the dog brings sticks with no green cover.

But it doesn’t matter they spend their time very funny and adores each other like real family members. You can follow them on TikTok and Instagram too.