Lost cat finally reunites with family after 16 years: ‘I didn’t think it was possible’

Jason and Liz McKenry, from Annapolis, Maryland, loved their cat Ritz like family. But in 2006 Ritz got lost and devastated his owner’s hearts completely.

The poor people started to do any possible and impossible thing to find their lovely cat but everything was in vain.

They told USA Today that their cat was microchipped but today, not all the shelters checked microchips so they were about to lose hope that one day they would find Ritz.

Life went on and soon they got married moved homes and had 2 children. And after 16 years that Ritz disappeared Jason got an astonishing message from a vet. They couldn’t believe their eyes. After so many years this couldn’t be true.

It turned out that a woman fed him at a trailer park, but since the elderly cat had leg injuries she brought him to a vet to be euthanized. And due to the microchips thousands of lost animals find their homes even after so many years. After 16 years Ritz was at home with his family. No one could know what the cat experienced during these whole years but the important thing was that he was safe now and his senior life would pass in the warmest atmosphere.