Mama gorilla gently hugs and kisses her newborn baby holding it in her arms shortly after giving birth

The caring mama gorilla snuggles onto her precious newborn baby

The absolute and wholehearted love between a mama and her baby is definitely the strongest feeling in the world. Animals, in fact, also possess this special sense. And the touching scene below showing a mom and her newborn baby makes everyone adore the animals’ warm relationship.

This gorilla mom stole everyone’s heart with the way she is connected with her newborn baby shortly after his birth. As the majestic female was going to give birth for the first time, it was a really exciting moment for her.

And, according to the fact those animals were listed among the extinctive and endangered ones, the moment was actually special for unexceptionally everyone at the zoo. The whole staff was fascinated and touched by the incredible scene as they saw that, minutes after the birth, the mom started to uncontrollably and gently kiss her precious baby holding him in her warm hands.

The scene successfully proves that the animals and the humans are somehow similar concerning their maternal instincts. The heartwarming moment was caught on camera and now you have the opportunity to witness the scene, too!