Mama Pittie thinks rescued Magpie is her puppy

Juliette and her partner recently found an injured magpie, Molly. Molly was covered in grass and the couple decided to take her home.

Molly was taken care of and felt better soon after. Juliette had a Pitbull named Peggy who was surprised to see Molly.

On the first day, Juliette followed them and was a bit afraid if they could do any harm to each other. But after a few days she noticed how the dog and the magpie became closer. Peggy and Molly started to cuddle with each other on the floor. They played the whole day and became insaparable.

Soon Peggy began to breastfeed Molly like a mom. Juliette was concerned and took the dog to the vet. The vet told however that she wasn’t pregnant it was just becase she thousht that she was the bird’s mother and it could be with any animal that the dog would take care of.

Juliette was very glad to see how they treated each other. She believed that they came to their life to make it better, funnier and filled with great love.