Man adopted two abandoned pit bulls — they repaid him by rescuing him from assault

When you want a new pet it’s always better to adopt from a shelter. It’s a chance to give a new life to an animal that’s homeless or rejected.

And sometimes when you rescue an animal, they’ll do that to you in return. That’s what one man learned when his adopted dogs rushed to save the day.

A man named Robert McGowan found two pit bulls in a local shelter. The dogs had had a hard life and were abandoned.

He gave them a loving family, and the pit bulls proved to be kind dogs.

One night Robert was in his garage when unexpectedly he was attacked by 4 men. They hit him, giving him a black eye. They were intent on stealing his car and demanded the keys, and Robert told him they were inside. They didn’t know what they would find in there.

Suddenly, the 2 pit bulls stepped up to defend their owner.

The dogs chased them out. The four men fled.

Robert says the dogs really are not aggressive at all, inspite of the breed’s reputation. This story proves how devoted and loving rescue dogs can be. They might save your life too.